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Fundym Privacy Policy

Effective Date:Septmeber 1, 2021

Welcome to Fundym!

For the purposes of this agreement the words ‚ÄúUniwebb‚Äú, ‚ÄúUniwebb Software‚ÄĚ, "Fundym", ‚ÄĚWe‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúOur‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúUs‚ÄĚ refer to Uniwebb Software and ‚ÄúSite‚ÄĚ to materials delivered on and other co-branded versions of the site and other applications developed, owned and operated by Uniwebb Software.

Fundym, is a platform that facilitates a safe environment for Followers (Fundymers) can to engage and support creators (Fundygens). This updated Privacy Policy applies only to Fundymers and Fundygens (creators) and all other users of Fundym. The words Fundymer or Folower and Fundygen or Creator may interchangeably be used throughout this policy.

Fundym is a startup platform developed by Uniwebb Software, LLC. Your personal information, whether it is directly provided to us or collected through use of our platform, may be transferred, and stored in the United States. This Policy will govern how we handle your data.

Information that you share through your Account

This is information you provide through text fields. The information that we collect will vary depending on whether you are creating an account, becoming a fundymer, and/or becoming a creator.

  • First and Last Name
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Country and State of Residence

You can also sign up with a Google or Twitter account. We will need to ask for permission to access your Twitter and Google accounts, including your name, email address, and profile photo. To stop sharing this information with us, visit Twitter or Google, where Fundym can be removed from your account and you can no longer log in.

You have the option of adding additional information to public profiles, including a location, social media links and an about section. Fundym stores all comments and messages submitted on Fundym.


Fundym's membership platform allows Fundym members to become Fundymers and help fund creators or fundygens. Fundymers must provide their payment information to our payment processing companies. On the PayPal , Stripe , you can view the privacy policies of these payment processors. Fundym doesn't have your card number. The token we receive from payment processors represents your account and your card's expiration dates, card type, as well as the last four digits. If the payment processor requires you to provide your email address and name, they will also give us that information.

We gather and process information about the creators we support, including the level at which they are supported, the benefits you receive, and how often. You will be asked to supply your shipping information and phone number if you have selected a benefit level with a physical advantage. Fundym can then ship the benefit to you or provide updates.

Creators (Fundygens).

A creator is someone who creates content and makes it available to Fundym members through Fundym’s membership platform. To be a creator, you will need to create a page which describes your creations and offers any benefits. To receive your payouts, you will need an account with one or more of our payment partners, including PayPal, and Stripe. Your bank account information may be required to process payouts. Additional information may be required for tax purposes. It may be necessary to fill out forms depending on where you are located.

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification number
  • Country of citizenship
  • Foreign Tax Identification Number
  • Date of birth
  • Your Nonprofit Registration number, if your business is a nonprofit.
  • Information about Bank Accounts for Payouts
  • Phone number

Additional Information We Collect

Automatically Collected Information

As you browse the site or use third-party analytics providers, we collect information automatically. We may keep usage information like your device type, operating system, IP address, device ID, page requests, links clicked and referred sites. User interactions and your search terms. Your self-disclosed country and your IP address are also used to determine your location.


Fundym's message system collects the comments that you post. It also records how often users visit the site, their activity, which pages they have visited, who they've contacted, with whom, and what private messages they sent. We use our internal messaging platform.

Surveys for Users

Sometimes, we might ask for your participation in user survey. We may request demographic information from you, such as your gender, ethnicity or race, age and sexual orientation. This information will help us better understand and serve our users. This information is collected to ensure that we offer equal access to our services. It also helps us to show creators to fundymers to increase their visibility. Your survey responses will be stored to the extent you participated.

Information on Events

Online and in-person events may require information from you. This is to make the event more personalized for everyone who attends. This may include your name, email, payment details, mobile number and QR code, demographic data, social media accounts and other online accounts, details about the works you have created, and feedback or survey responses.


Your email address, comments and profile information may be stored on our blogs to help us better understand your interests.


Information collected by third parties


Cookies are small pieces of information that allow us to gather information about your Fundym use. You can find more information about Fundym's usage of cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Social Media Features & Widgets

Fundym supports social media features such as the Facebook Like button and widgets like the Share button and similar interactive miniprogrammes. We may use your social network information to interact with users on these social networks if you have provided it. These features may collect IP addresses and other personal data. They may also set cookies to ensure that the feature works properly. Fundym can host widgets and social media features. Your interactions with these Features will be governed by their privacy policies. These social networks use different technologies. Please see their privacy notices for more details. For your convenience, we have provided links below to the most commonly used social networks:


How we use your data

We use your information to:

  • Verify your identity in order to comply with US federal and state laws.
  • Log in to your account
  • Fundym allows you to support the membership program of a creator
  • Process membership payments and payouts
  • Send merchandise to your shipping addresses
  • Send you relevant emails according to your preferences, as set by your email preferences
  • We will answer your questions
  • You can receive existing and upgraded services in relation to your Fundym account
  • For greater visibility, promote your Fundym Account
  • Recognize and spotlight creators
  • Fundym products or services can be promoted to you and similar audiences based upon your networks and common factors with others, unless you choose to opt out as controlled by your email preferences
  • Learn how you use it and help fundymers create better tools to assist them.
  • Research and development are conducted to improve Fundym as well as develop future products.
  • Fundym is not a place for fraud or abuse
  • We will offer reasonable accommodation if you notify our office of a disability

Information that we share with Creators

When you become a fundymer for a creator, you agree that the following information will be shared with him/her:

  • Name, email address and any other profile information that you have provided
  • Any messages that you send to Fundym's creators
  • Your physical address, country, state and city
  • Your phone number when you sign up to help a creator through text messages. When you receive a benefit that requires shipping or have signed up for event notifications via SMS
  • You can provide all details about your pledge including amount and start date but not your complete payment card information
  • Fundym anonymous data aggregated about your use of Fundym. This data cannot be linked back either to you or to any user.

When creating a membership program, creators agree with the terms of our Data Processing Agreement. This DPA is also known as the Creator Privacy Promise. The Creator Privacy Promise is a creator's commitment to protect the privacy and security of their Fundymers throughout and beyond their Fundym relationship. You can find a copy the Creator Privacy Promise here.

Information shared with third parties

We will never share your data with third parties. Other than creators, we won't share data with anyone except the following:

  • Your consent allows creators' providers to provide benefits such as the ability to ship packages to your home.¬†For more information about these service providers, please read their privacy policies.
  • With our service providers. These are companies that have contractually agreed to provide services for us, including order fulfillment, email management and analysis of data trends.¬†These companies may have access and use your data for their own purposes. Fundym has the same obligation to protect your data.
  • Fundym's integrity or security, as well the rights, properties, or safety, of Fundym, its users, employees, or others. If disclosure is reasonably necessary in order to comply (e.g., subpoenas and warrants) served on Fundym.¬†If we intend to release your personal data, we will inform you as soon as possible by email, unless otherwise required by law.
  • We may need your data in connection to the sale, mergers, bankruptcy, liquidation, or reorganization (or both).¬†If data is received by another company, we will notify the user.¬†This privacy policy applies to all data transferred to a new entity.
  • Apps from third parties that are used by creators to run their membership programs.¬†You can find a complete list of apps in the¬†app directory.¬†We try to keep this directory up-to-date, but we frequently experiment with third-party providers of apps, so this list might not be comprehensive.
  • Partners from our Partners Directory can have access to your data in order to perform their services. They are also obligated to safeguard any data they receive from Fundym to the same extent Fundym protects.

Information Fundym Collects Third Party Apps

Fundym allows you to choose to connect any social accounts you have (e.g. Fundym will connect your social accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook Google YouTube Twitch) to Fundym. We will also collect and store certain information from these platforms such as:

  • Follower or subscriber counts
  • Upload or post counts
  • View, like, comment and comment counts

This information helps us provide a better Fundym user experience and to guide Fundym's future development. This data is used for:

  • Fundym can help fundymers and creators find each other
  • Learn how Fundym can help creators be more successful
  • Our business can be analysed and described

Information that we share with the Public

The following information can be accessed publicly:

  • Your profile, as well as your location and social media links if you choose to add this information
  • The creators you support by default are publicly displayed.¬†If you flag your account to private, we won't display the creators at you support.
  • All comments, likes and posts
  • Fundym's aggregated and anonymized usage data may be published in blog posts or press releases or used in other ways to communicate information about Fundym.¬†Fundym aggregated and anonymized data can't be linked back to any Fundym user
  • Creators can make public their monthly pledge value or goals
  • Numerous Fundymers

Your rights and preferences regarding data

How to Choose Your Preferences

You can find the Settings link by clicking on your avatar/profile at the top of your screen after you log in to Fundym. Settings allows you to view and adjust your account preferences. You can adjust and view your settings.

Marketing Activities

By accepting our terms of usage, you agree that Fundym may

  • You can access information about your Fundym service, service enhancements or new Fundym product while you are browsing our website or using our app.
  • We will send you messages regarding your current service, or enhancements to your existing service when you are offline from our platform via email or via SMS if your service or event notification uses text messages.
  • We will send you messages about services we provide that are separate to your existing service via Email. You have the option to opt out.
  • You can market Fundym only to you or similar audiences.
  • If you don't have Fundym, but have consented, Fundym will send you marketing messages or emails.
  • For creators to shine and be celebrated, ask for demographic data.
  • For greater visibility, promote your account.
  • Send physical items via mail to us as part of promotional activities.

Opting out

Your right to object to marketing purposes may be exercised at any time. We will collect your personal data and send you marketing communications. You can also object to marketing using your data at any time after creating your account.

Opting out will prevent you from receiving marketing emails. It may take up to 30 business days to process your opt-out request. Fundym will continue to send you service-related emails and texts if your account is active. You will still receive service-related shipments of benefit to the delivery address.

We will never sell your personal information to third parties without your permission.

Accessing, updating and exporting your Account Information

The settings pages allow you to access and modify certain information related to your account. You can also delete or export certain information from your account by going to

You can delete your account

You may initiate a deletion by yourself at privacy. will allow you to click on the Take Control button and submit an "Erase" request. You cannot reverse this final act. Please make sure you download your data before you delete an account if you wish to transfer it.

You can turn off email notifications

You can modify your email notification settings. You can stop all notifications, but we will still send critical service emails.

Mobil Notifications can be turned off

The Fundym App may send you notifications if you install it. These notifications can be disabled from the App settings.

Verification of requests

Fundym allows users to create password protected accounts. When you request to exercise privacy rights, Fundym will ask you to log in to your Fundym account.

If we are not able to verify your request, we reserve all rights to deny it.


Respect of EU Privacy Laws and Privacy Shield

Fundym is an internationally startup company that adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As Data Controllers under the GDPR we process personal data in accordance with our legitimate interests. We also use personal information to provide the Service, as described in "How Do We Use Your Information." Users may revoke consent at any point.

Fundym has several legal bases that allow it to lawfully carry out international transfers of personal data, including standard contract clauses that have been approved by the European Union Commission.

Fundym complies the U.S. Department of Commerce's EU-U.S. Security Shield Framework (and Swiss-U.S. Security Shield Framework) regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data that has been transferred from the European Union to the United States. Fundym has provided certification to the Department of Commerce that they adhere to the Privacy Shield Principles. The Privacy Shield Principles will apply if this privacy policy is in conflict with the Privacy Shield Principles. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, and to view our certification, please visit

You may, in limited circumstances, invoke binding arbitration before Privacy Shield Panel. More Information about this arbitration process can be found at

Fundym has the responsibility for processing personal information that it receives or later transfers to a third-party acting on Fundym’s behalf. Fundym follows the Privacy Shield Principles in all onward transfers, including the provisions regarding transfer liability.

Fundym is responsible for the enforcement of regulatory powers by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission with respect to personal data received or transferred under the Privacy Shield frameworks.

Compliance with California Privacy Laws

Fundym is headquartered in California, USA. Fundym is subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act.

California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which became effective January 1, 2020, allows California residents to access the personal information that businesses have collected on them, as well as the sources and purposes of the information.

Fundym offers California residents and all users access to their information at Fundym Privacy Center. All users have the right of requesting the deletion or modification of their personal information. Users can go to the Fundym Privacy Center by clicking on "Take Control", and then requesting "Erase."

Exercising Your Data Rights

Some users may have rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), or under California Consumer Privacy Acts (CCPA) in relation to data Fundym controls as a Data Controller, as defined under GDPR.

  • Right to access their personal information
  • You have the right to correct and rectify inaccurate personal data
  • You have the right to stop or restrict the processing your personal data
  • You have the right to delete or erase your personal data.
  • You have the right to access your personal data,
  • The right to opt out of any sales of your personal data

Fundym allows you to exercise your rights in these ways:

  • You can access, review, modify, and update your data by logging in at Fundym, then going to your¬†account setting.
  • View our privacy statement or view our data practices online at our¬†Fundym Privacy Center. There, the Data Practices tab explains how we use your data and the Policies tab outlines our privacy policy.
  • Click on the button "Take control" at the¬†Fundym Privacy Center¬†to download or port your data.
  • Contact Fundym¬†¬†to delete an account previously disabled
  • Opting out of marketing is as easy as entering your email address to this¬†optout link.
  • To resolve data-related problems, go to¬†FAQ Support¬†online. Or call our U.S. phone number at 1(916) 805-0019.

If you are having trouble logging into your account or cannot reset your password to submit your privacy request, you can contact If you are unable to log in to your account or are unable to recover it with a password reset, please contact

Account Holders With Disabilities

Fundym makes it easy for account holders with disabilities to access their accounts. If you are having difficulty accessing your account, please email us at for assistance.

Contact our Data Protection Officers

A letter with your questions to the DPO may be sent by you.

  • U.S. users should mail to "Fundym Privacy Team", 5170 Golden Foothill Parkway, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
  • E.U.¬†Users from the E.U.

Establishing an Authorized Agent

An authorized agent can be appointed to submit a request on your behalf. You must present a valid power to authorize an authorized agent to submit a request for your benefit. to discuss your request. At our sole discretion, we might deny access to your account or refuse to recover it in order protect your data from account takeover.

Prohibition against Discrimination

We do not discriminate against users that exercise their privacy rights.

Our Data Retention Period

Your account information is kept for ten years from the date your account was last active. Unless you delete your account or request us to remove it, we will retain it. If required to by law, we may keep some information even after you delete your accounts.


We take security seriously and adhere to industry standards to protect your personal information. Find out more about our Security Policy.


Fundym isn't intended for children younger than 13. Children may not create an Account or use Fundym.


Sometimes, we may make changes to this policy. We will inform you if we make material changes to this policy. This can be done by posting an announcement online or by emailing you in advance. You agree to continue using Fundym after any changes to this policy.

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