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Thank you for visiting Fundym website. We are a startup platform developed by Uniwebb Software who specializes  in  emerging technologies. Please read this Terms & Conditions, providing consent to document in order to have permission to use our services.

Please read this agreement carefully before accessing or using the service. By accessing or using the service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. Uniwebb Software may modify this agreement at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified agreement. Advertiser terms and conditions form part of our general terms for use of the Site. Uniwebb Software also has a comprehensive privacy policy for users.

Welcome to Fundym

To summarize: by using Fundym you agree to these terms.

These are Fundym’s terms of use, and they apply to all users of the Fundym platform. “We,” “our” or “us” refers to Uniwebb Software, LLC. and our subsidiaries. “Fundym” refers to this platform and the services offered by us. By using Fundym you agree to these terms and to the other policies we post. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions. For information about our data practices, please see our Privacy Policy, including our Cookie Policy. We can collect and use your information in accordance with those policies.

What is Fundym

Fundym is a membership platform that provides advanced tools and faciliates a safe environment for creators or fundygens to be paid by their fans. One of our core behaviors is to put creators first, and these terms attempt to do that. We know that most people skim through terms of use because they’re boring, but we have done everything we can to make this easy to get through. Above every section we’ll summarize the most important parts, but these summaries are not legally binding, so please look at the full version of the text if you have questions.

Your account

To summarize: You must be at least 13 years old to register for an account. You are responsible for your account.

When you create an account you must provide us with accurate information, in good faith, and you agree to keep your information updated if it changes. To create an account you must be at least 13 years old. To join a creator’s membership as a fundymer, or provide a membership as a creator, you must be at least 18 years old or have your parent’s permission. You are responsible for anything that occurs when anyone is signed in to your account, as well as the security of the account. Please contact us immediately if you believe your account is compromised. You can learn more about security on our Security Policy page.

Abusive conduct

To summarize: Be responsible and don’t violate our policies.

You are responsible for all activity on your account. If you violate our policies we may terminate your account. Don’t do anything illegal, abusive towards others, or that abuses our site in a technical way. If you are a creator raising funds on Fundym, we may be held accountable for what you do with those funds. As a result, we also look at what you do with your membership off our platform. You can find more detailed information in the Community Guidelines and Security Policy. These policies cover most issues, but if you find a new and creative way to hurt Fundym or our community we may take action to prevent it.

The art of being a Creator

A creator creates an account on Fundym for Fundymers to interact with the creator and support his creations. If you are a designer, you will need to understand all details, including fees, taxes, payments, and restrictions.


To be a creator, sign up and apply for membership. Fundym will make you a part of its community when you sign up. Fundym has many creator tools. You can showcase your creations through Fundym's Merch Service. Also, you will be able to earn recurring revenues from your page. Memberships are for your most passionate fan. Fundym lets you offer fundymers something unique that will give them access to exclusive merchandise and other benefits. Fundym will provide you with loyal support, as well as recurring revenue from fundymers who have purchased memberships from Fundym.


You can make your Fundym membership public by becoming a creator. We then provide subscription memberships to your fundymers. We can also help with payments issues like fraud, chargebacks, and the resolution of disputes. Although we try to give you access as soon as possible, there may be delays. We can also block or delay payments due to violations of our policies or compliance reasons such as collecting tax reporting information. We will notify you immediately if payments are delayed or blocked. Contact us if you have any questions regarding a payment block. If we suspect fundymer payments to be fraudulent, we can block them. Refunds and other activities can sometimes cause your account balance to go negative. We reserve the right to return funds deposited from future payments if your account balance is negative. To comply with payment processing rules, if you create content for 18+, you must confirm that all participants are over 18. You must also store their consent to participate.


Fundym's membership fees include two types of fees associated with the creator. The first is the platform fees. The second fee is the payment processing fee. This depends on the currency that the creator selects.

The payment processing fee in US Dollars is 2.9% plus $0.30 per successful pledge for pledges over $3, and 5% fee plus $0.10 per successful pledge for pledges of $3 or less. PayPal payments from non-US fundymers have an additional 1% fee. 

  • The payment processing fee in Euro is 3.4% plus €0.35 per successful pledge for pledges over €3, and 5% fee plus €0.15 per successful pledge for pledges of €3 or less.
  • The payment processing fee in British Pounds is 3.4% plus £0.35 per successful pledge for pledges over £3, and 5% fee plus £0.15 per successful pledge for pledges of £3 or less.
  • The payment processing fee in Canadian Dollars is 3.2% plus CA$0.35 per successful pledge for pledges over CA$3, and 5% fee plus CA$0.10 per successful pledge for pledges of CA$3 or less.
  • The payment processing fee in Australian Dollars is 3.0% plus AU$0.30 per successful pledge for pledges over AU$3, and 5% fee plus AU$0.10 per successful pledge for pledges of AU$3 or less.

Depending on your fundymer’s locations, some banks may charge your faundymer a foreign transaction fee for their membership subscription. Fundym does not control this charge, but it is typically around 3.0% .


We collect tax identification data and report it to tax authorities when legally required. It is your responsibility to report any income or withholding taxes that may be due about payments received. Learn more at our Tax Help Center. We also manage several transactional taxes. These include VAT on electronic services provided to fundymers in Europe, GST as an Australian operator of an EDP, and the state sales tax resulting from marketplace laws" within the United States. For electronically-supplied services, creators make a supply of those services to us, and then we supply them to the fundymer. Our VAT guide will provide more information about how we deal with transaction taxes. Fundym will collect transaction tax from fundymers in specific locations. In these cases, pledges from fundymers will reflect the pledge amount and the tier. The pledge will not be deducted from the applicable tax but will be added to it. The tax amount will automatically be deducted from the payment to send to the appropriate taxing authority. You will have access to the earnings details page, which will contain a record of the transaction-tax portion of your pledge. As a creator, it is your responsibility to ensure accurate information when using the sales tax weighting tool or listing benefits within your tiers.


We don't allow any benefits or creations that would violate our policies. Our Social Guidelines, as well as our Benefits Guide, will help you to understand more. These rules summarize that we do not allow:

  • Illegal creations or benefit
  • You create or receive benefits that are harmful to others.
  • You are not allowed to create or benefit using other people's intellectual property without their written permission. Fair use protects you.
  • Created or derived benefits from real people engaging in sexual acts
  • Benefits that involve prizes or raffles based in chance

If your fans are under 18 years old, remind them that people can only access Fundym memberships over 13. We don't require you to allow any person or group to be your fundymer.

As a creator, it is your responsibility to protect fundymer's data. The Data Processing Agreement details what is required. For example, an account cannot be transferred or sold to anyone else.

How to be a fundymer

Fundymers are those who buy memberships through Fundym to support their favorite creators. Fundymers have direct interaction with creators through paid memberships on Fundym. Fundym provides tools to help them do this. Fundymers also have the chance to connect with more fundymers and creators through our platform.

Fundym members can join Fundym to get exclusive benefits. This includes access to creators, merchandise (if offered), and engaging experiences with fundymer friends. In addition, Fundym is paid a subscription fee in exchange for your membership. This allows you to support creators you wish.

The duration and amount of each membership payment depend on the type of agreement you sign and the creator you support. These details can be seen when you join and in the receipt after you have made each payment. In addition, on your membership webpage, you can view all active membership subscriptions.

To become a Fundymer, create an Account, add your preferred payment option, and then you can join Fundym's Membership Program to Support Your Creator! There are three types of membership subscriptions. You pay per month for a monthly subscription. You can also choose a per creation subscription. In this case, you pay based upon the number of creations made by a creator in a particular month. The per subscription model allows you to limit the number of creations purchased. Annual memberships are the third membership option. These memberships allow you to access unlimited content for an entire year at a discounted rate. Not all subscription options allow for all three. All options are available in the payment flow.

You can cancel your membership at any moment. Annual memberships can be withdrawn, increased, or decreased, but they cannot be canceled. An annual membership cannot be terminated. It can also be increased or decreased in a tier. An increase in your yearly payment to a higher-tiered membership level will take effect during the current term. The credit for any existing payments will be applied to your annual payment if you decide to increase your payment.

Canceling support can result in losing access and benefits to the creator's fundymer only posts and benefits.

These include when your membership is canceled, or your payment method fails. We do not have to let you be a fundymer.

We are unable to monitor the quality or particular offerings of creator memberships. We try to screen for fraudulent pages but can not guarantee creators' identity or the validity and legitimacy of any claims. We appreciate your reporting suspicious Creator Pages, so Fundym remains safe.

Fundym can charge and collect taxes if you are in the jurisdiction in which Fundym is required to do so (e.g. You will pay an additional tax for VAT and sales tax. This tax is only shown when you register for the first membership. Fundym returns all tax collected by Fundym to the applicable taxing authorities. Tax is heavily affected by your location. Therefore, you must ensure your address is current and complete.

A foreign transaction fee may be required by some banks, depending on where you are located. Fundym can't control these fees, but they are usually around 3.3%. For more information, contact your bank.

Refunds. While our policy is no refunds, there are some exceptions that we will consider.

Fundym's role

Fundym monitors some pages and posts and reviews reported pages to spot potential violations.

Fundym actively monitors certain pages and posts. We make sure that creators follow our community guidelines and benefit guidelines. We also investigate potential violations. These investigations might take some time to complete and may include looking into what Fundym funds have supported.

We will cooperate with creators in most cases to solve any possible violations. Fundym can then continue to be used by the creator. We don't take the termination of accounts lightly.

Fundym reserves the right to terminate annual memberships of creators and fundymers. Fundym may ban a creator or a fundymer's participation from yearly memberships. It will also prevent the creator from accepting annual payments and stop the fundymer from receiving yearly payments. But, they will not remove them automatically from the platform unless the basis is independent.

Would you please let us be aware if there are any potential violations of our Communities Guidelines? You can learn how you can report them.

As a global corporation based in the United States and with operations in other countries around the globe, we must comply economically with trade restrictions and sanctions, such as those imposed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") Fundym cannot participate in transactions that include designated people, places, and items that originate or are derived from these locations, as determined agencies such ASOA. You can review our SANCTIONS Policy here.

Fundym continues to evolve, and we test new features constantly. We may add, remove or test new features. Also, we often test these features with a randomly selected subset of our community. If we believe a particular feature is significantly different, we explain it in the testing.

We may share information about your Fundym Account with other websites or services if you consent. This permission must be granted when your Fundym accounts are connected to other websites or services. Our Privacy Statement provides more information.

Account deletion

To summarize: You can delete your account here. We can disable your account at our discretion.

Visit our Privacy Center to permanently remove your account. The page also shows you what information was deleted and stored data after an account is closed. Any time we choose, we can cancel or suspend your account. For example, we can cancel any membership subscriptions at any time and remove any descriptions. For suspending or terminating someone's account, you may not file a lawsuit against us. However, if you file such a case, you are responsible for the damages you caused and all costs associated with it. These terms still apply regardless of whether you have an account.

Your creations

You are the sole owner of all creations. However, you have given Fundym permission for them to be used. Therefore, Fundym will only allow you to make creations.

Fundym grants you full ownership of your creations. However, we require licenses from them to do Fundym work. Fundym gives you perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide permission to reproduce, distribute and perform your creations. This license only allows us to provide and encourage memberships to Fundymers. We will never steal your creations. You must not share creations that infringe the intellectual property of other people or their proprietary rights. Fundym may request consent verification for collaborators that are featured in Fundym content. Fundymers can not use creations from creators in ways not authorized or permitted by the creator.

Third-party apps

Fundym may be granted permission for third-party app access. You can also remove that permission.

Fundym might have to access your third-party accounts like Google, YouTube, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This allows Fundym to use some Fundym features. Fundym will have access to all information on your third-party account that you connect. Fundym may revoke any account's access at any point by going to the security settings page. These are the respective links for each of these services:


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Revoke Fundym’s Access


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Revoke Fundyms' Access


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Statement

Revoke Fundym's Access


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Statement

Revoke Fundym’s Access


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Statement

Revoke Fundym. Access

Fundym's creations

To summarize, Fundym trademarks and copyrights can be used to promote your Fundym site. However, you cannot use them for anything other than that which we have granted permission.

Copyright laws, trademark laws, and trade secret laws cover our creations. You can see examples of our creations in the text, our logo, or our codebase. You can use our logo, copyrights, and trademarks to promote Fundym pages. You can find more information on how to use our logo here correctly. Without our written consent, you cannot reproduce, distribute and perform or publicly display any derivative works of our creations. For any further questions, please contact


Fundym may be sued if you use it or behave on it.

You will indemnify Fundym against all liabilities and losses, including legal costs, that may result from these terms. We reserve the right to have sole control over the defense or any claim covered by the clause. If we have this right, then you can help us defend. This clause includes our subsidiaries, affiliates, as well as officers, directors, or employees.

Warranty disclaimer

Fundym doesn't always go as planned.

Fundym will be provided "as it is" without warranty. Any warranty regarding merchantability, fitness, non-infringement, safety, or quality is excluded to all extent permissible by law.

Limit liability

Fundym does not payout if you lose any money.

To the maximum extent allowed by law, Fundym is not liable for any incidental consequential, or punitive damage arising from these terms. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability for damages shall be limited to Fundym's earnings. We are not responsible for losses associated with unfulfilled benefits or from loss due to conflicting contract agreements.

Dispute resolution

You can contact us with any problem. However, all disputes with us must end in El Dorado Hills as per California law.

If you have any concerns, we encourage that you contact us. If there is any dispute about Fundym's terms or regarding Fundym use, the matter will be resolved in El Dorado Hills. Both parties consent that El Dorado Hills courts have sole jurisdiction over any dispute. California law applies to these terms, as well all Fundym policies. Fundym will also be liable for any disputes that might arise between the parties.

Fundym's policies have been described in these terms.

These terms and any referred policies constitute the entire agreement you have with us. If any clause is found to be unenforceable, it is amended to the extent that it is necessary to enforce. If a provision can't be modified, it is struck out of these terms. All other conditions are unaffected. Either party may not enforce any right under these terms if it fails to do so. However, this does not affect its ability to do so in the future. These terms may change from time to time. We may make material changes to your rights that will adversely affect you. In this case, we will let the user know before any changes become effective. You can only use Fundym if you accept any new policies or terms. These terms form an agreement to Uniwebb Software, LLC., 5170 Golden Foothill Parkway, El Dorado Hills, CA. If you use accessibility tools and have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at